01/12/16 – Another Great Scene from “My Brother’s Shoes”!

This time Dallas (straight brother) and Austin (gay brother) have switched places. The world sees them as no different but they know they have switched places. At Dallas’ office, they have finally convinced Jackie that the switch has happened and now they must figure out how to get through the day covering for each other. This is when the zaniness and fun begin to happen in the film!

Dallas is played by the talented and charismatic Pete Stringfellow. Austin, his brother, is played with comedic skill by Jacob Ellis. Jackie, Austin’s best friend, is once again the amazing Blake Fiegert. The film was directed and written by Adam Reeves and filmed by Nico van den Berg. Enjoy!

01/10/16 – One of Many Great Scenes from the Film!

In the film, one brother (Dallas) is straight and can’t relate to his younger gay brother (Austin). By a quirky twist of fate, they exchange places and live in each other’s shoes for a day. The world around them sees no difference. Only Dallas and Austin realize they have switched and can see it when they look in the mirror. Now Austin must handle the office for Dallas and Dallas must spend the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest with the help of Austin’s sidekick Jackie.

In this scene, Dallas is talking to Austin’s best friend Jackie, trying to understand his brother’s life. Jackie has a heart felt moment where he reveals how lucky Austin is to have a brother looking out for him. With this scene. Dallas begins to start realizing that he really doesn’t know his little brother very well.

Brilliant acting by Blake Fiegert as Jackie, Pete Stringfellow as Dallas, and you get to see Jacob Ellis in the mirror who plays Austin. The scene was written by Adam Reeves, and shot by the talented and amazing Nico van den Berg. Jordain Wallace composed the original music that is such a beautiful treat for the ears. The apartment we shot in was provided by Ryan Rudnitsky, another great guy.

09/22/15 – Composer Jordain Wallace on “Good Day Sacramento” show

08/27/15 – Star of My Brother’s Shoes doing music video

Pete Stringfellow – star of “My Brother’s Shoes” – is working on his own music video for a song called “Baby, I’ve Got The Drive”. While taking a break, the “behind the scenes” camera man talked to Pete while he was getting his makeup touched up. Working as makeup artist for the shoot is Paula Barkley, who was also the makeup artist for our film, “My Brother’s Shoes“!! While taking a break, Pete talks about how he met Paula while filming “My Brother’s Shoes” and some of his challenges. Check out the clip!

07/20/15 – The trailer is here!

So you want to know more about the film My Brother’s Shoes? This trailer will give you the insight into the characters, the plot, some never-before-seen scenes, and a taste of the soundtrack!

If you were dying to see the film before, now you really will be dying to see it. This isn’t just a trailer – it’s a teaser!!!

Come meet the cast and see the public screening on August 15th at The Rheem Theatre!

02/08/2015 – KOFY TV interview with Director & Stars of My Brother’s Shoes

This interview was shown on KOFY TV on 02/08/15 and featured Adam Reeves, Director & Writer, and 2 of the stars from the film, Pete Stringfellow (Dallas Trent) and Jacob Ellis (Austin Trent). This is the first time any rough footage from the film – My Brother’s Shoes – was shown to the public. In the clips, Blake Fiegert also appears as Austin’s best friend, Jackie. The interview is being conducted by the hosts of Real to Reel – Derek Zemrak and Leonard Pirkle.