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“MY BROTHER’S SHOES”— The Borders of Fantasy and Reality
Review by Amos Lassen

Adam Reeves’ “My Brother’s Shoes” is a comedy that borders on fantasy and reality. Dallas (Peter Stringfellow) is a successful executive with a beautiful wife (Gretta Sosine) and a lovely home. He has dreams of having a family and leading a rich, conservative life. Austin (Jacob Ellis), his younger gay brother is always in trouble financially and romantically. He has dreams of winning first place in the local drag queen contest and then using the money to start a new life.

Each brother thinks the other “has it so good” and wishes that they could experience what the other one’s life is really like. Then by a strange twist of fate, they switch places. The world around them sees no difference but Dallas and Austin realize that they have been switched and now Austin must handle the office for Dallas as Dallas spends the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest (with the help of Austin’s sidekick, Jackie).

After the switch when Austin is in Dallas’s bedroom, he faces a serious dilemma. Dallas promised his wife that they would try to make a baby that night. However, Austin is a gay man and the woman in the bed is his sister-in-law. He can’t say that he is not Dallas and there is no way he will sleep with his sister-in-law. How he deals with this situation is very, very funny.

Austin has some great one-liners and there is depth in some of the scenes but by and large this is a film to laugh with. I applaud the film’s originality.

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Academy Award winner recommends seeing “My Brother’s Shoes”

Barry Morrow, who won the Academy Award for best screenplay for “Rain Man“, watched the film My Brother’s Shoes and called us saying how much he loved it!
And he agreed to write a nice quote for us to put on the new cover for the upcoming DVD cover!
Isn’t that great??  Everybody is thrilled!
The cover is NOT done yet, but here it is with the quote.
Adam Reeves’ directorial debut, the ribald fantasy My Brother’s Shoes, is full of surprises “and comedic delights.” – Barry Morrow (Academy Award winning writer, Rain Man)