Academy Award winner recommends seeing “My Brother’s Shoes”

Barry Morrow, who won the Academy Award for best screenplay for “Rain Man“, watched the film My Brother’s Shoes and called us saying how much he loved it!
And he agreed to write a nice quote for us to put on the new cover for the upcoming DVD cover!
Isn’t that great??  Everybody is thrilled!
The cover is NOT done yet, but here it is with the quote.
Adam Reeves’ directorial debut, the ribald fantasy My Brother’s Shoes, is full of surprises “and comedic delights.” – Barry Morrow (Academy Award winning writer, Rain Man)


Great Radio interview on Behind the Lens with Debbie Lynn Elias

Here is another radio interview with Debbie Lynn Elias with Behind The Lens. Debbie was amazing and really NAILED the film and what it is about. She also seems to LOVE Pete Stringfellow. (What’s not to love?) I hope you will take a listen. It is about 13 minutes.

She loves Nico van den Berg‘s cinematography, Jordain Wallace‘s music, praises my casting choices, loves the editing, and on and on and on. Enjoy!