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by John Volanti on My Brother's Shoes
Great story!

I really enjoyed it! Great story, made me laugh and even tear up once or twice. You should be very proud of your work! Hope it gets broad distribution so others can enjoy it as much as I did.

Story About Acceptance and Love

Directed by Adam Reeves, My Brother’s Shoes is about the complex relationship of two polar opposite brothers. Dallas (played by Pete Stringfellow) is a conservative business executive blessed with a lovely home and a gorgeous wife (Gretta Sosine) who wants to start a family. Austin (Jacob Ellis), his younger gay brother, is always getting himself into debt and romantic folly. When he hears about a local drag queen contest, he signs up hoping that the prize money will let him start over. Dallas and Austin’s worlds are turned upside down when a twist of fate causes them to trade places, and the film begs the question: "How far are you willing to go for your family?" Will Dallas dress in drag to win the money that will jump-start his brother’s new life? Will Austin navigate the unfamiliar territory of his brother’s business and romantic life?

Aside from being a hilarious movie, My Brother’s Shoes tells an important story about acceptance, especially within one’s own family, and the question of whether or not passively tolerating a lifestyle is the same thing as true acceptance. The film, which obviously crosses between fantasy and reality, is one of importance for the entire LBGT community.

by Ruby Britton on My Brother's Shoes
Enjoyed it!

I think all the actors did a fantastic job. The film was inspiring. Loved the evolution of the brothers relationship! Really enjoyed it!

by Penny on My Brother's Shoes
Sensational Film

Hilarious and Touching in so many ways. Second time seeing the film tonight. Enjoyed it even more the second time around. The writing was great, the actors were fantastic, and the music was perfect. Adam, what a wonderful project. Congratulations on a job well done!

by Ryan Rudnitsky on My Brother's Shoes
Best Indie Movie I've Seen

I heard about the movie as it was getting produced and I was very excited to see the results. The acting in this movie was superb. Jackie stole the show! The movie had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't wait to see how things turned out. I even brought two friends (one who doesn't watch too many movies) and he said he thoroughly enjoyed My Brother's Shoes. Everyone should watch this movie because it really puts you in the mind of each character and you get to see how difficult each lifestyle can be.

Much better than I expected!

I recently watched this movie and absolutely loved it. Well written, directed and acted! Perfect mix of drama and comedy. Funny and touching, that's a nice combination to have.----------SPOILER ALERT!------------My Favorite Scene! Austin is "Dallas", and Dallas is "Austin". Austin is in Dallas's bedroom. Dallas promised his wife that they will try to make a baby that night. Austin is a gay man and the woman in the bed is his sister-in-law. He can't say he is not Dallas and of course there is no way he will sleep with his sister-in-law. Him dealing with that situation and the dialog between Austin and Dallas's wife was just hilarious.

On The Town - Opera & Openings

We than had to fly to attend the Castro Theatre mid-afternoon screening of My Brother's Shoes, Adam Reeves' first film, produced entirely in the Bay Area and part of the California Independent Film Festival. Watch for additional screenings and wider distribution of this charming modern fairy tale about the strength of family and the full impact of wishes come true. A short Q&A followed the screening and then photographs on the red carpet with cast and crew, includingGretta Sosine, Jacob Ellis, Blake Fiegert, Robert Vann, and yes, this intrepid columnist, who has a minor role in the film.Afterwards, we all adjourned to Beaux where the Imperial Court's Special K afternoon fundraiser was in full swing, led by Empress Misty Blue.

LGBT Film Festival favourites brighten up autumn arts scene

“My Brother’s Shoes” is a light-hearted romp, that is a perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Think gay “Freaky Friday” in which two brother’s end up swapping bodies for a day. Kind of ill-timed when the straight brother has a big presentation at work and the gay brother is a contestant in a drag show hosted by San Francisco icon Donna Sachet.“Shoes” is predictable but still fun and stands out thanks to a really beautiful performance by co-star Blake Fiegert, who adds layers to what seems like your typical gay best friend character.

by Rex Global on My Brother's Shoes

In our modern hectic world, sometimes it's very nice to just suspend belief and go with an escape and a flow. My Brother's Shoes allows just such a joyous moment. Adam Reeves has written and directed a film which on the surface is an airy and entertaining body-switching comedy and it can be viewed for just that aspect. However, what it really does is to simply and happily underline love and family and friendship ... and it achieves this with an abundance of charm and warmth. The main actors and actress are all quite good, likable, and each portrays their character with style and wit. I genuinely liked all of their work. Standouts to me are Blake Fiegert as Jackie (his talent is top-notch and he stole all his scenes) and Trevor Veilleux as "glamorous" and pushy Crystal Balls who was a quite a hoot! I'd enjoy seeing the whole cast in other projects. The movie ends with a bit of brilliant sly humor which left me with a big smile! Kudos to this first film by Adam Reeves. Keep it up!