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My Brother's Shoes
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 by Christina Craft
My Brothers Shoes

I give My Beothers Shoes 5 stars! Pete Stringfellow's performance was spot on! Adam Reeves did such an outstanding job on this film. I felt like I was actually there with them living the same situation. Truly an amazing film, so amazing I had to own it on DVD. And everyone who I've recommended it to loved it just as equally as I do. My mother, who was a huge fan of Pete Stringfellow's would watch it over and over just about to the point she knew the dialogue word for word. She would be writing a review herself as well but unfortunately she passed away.

 by DaveMc36
A fun, charming, contemporary twist on switching roles!

I was not familiar with this film, but it popped up as "recommended" viewing on my Prime Video homepage ... and I'm certainly glad it did. Quite a surprising little treat. When I first saw the title and read the brief synopsis, I was just expecting some alternative "gay" spin on "Freaky Friday" ... but this film went the distance in giving this whole "grass is always greener" motif a fun, charming and surprisingly poignant contemporary twist. You never know what you're going to get when you plunge into an indie film, but I, personally, found this to be well-written and well-directed. Most of the actors bring their characters to life effectively, but I found the standout performance to be from actor Jacob Ellis, who plays the more free-spirited, gay younger brother to the more-established, business savvy hetero bro. Definitely worth checking out.

“MY BROTHER’S SHOES”— The Borders of Fantasy and Reality
Review by Amos Lassen

Adam Reeves’ “My Brother’s Shoes” is a comedy that borders on fantasy and reality. Dallas (Peter Stringfellow) is a successful executive with a beautiful wife (Gretta Sosine) and a lovely home. He has dreams of having a family and leading a rich, conservative life. Austin (Jacob Ellis), his younger gay brother is always in trouble financially and romantically. He has dreams of winning first place in the local drag queen contest and then using the money to start a new life.

Each brother thinks the other “has it so good” and wishes that they could experience what the other one’s life is really like. Then by a strange twist of fate, they switch places. The world around them sees no difference but Dallas and Austin realize that they have been switched and now Austin must handle the office for Dallas as Dallas spends the day getting ready for the upcoming drag contest (with the help of Austin’s sidekick, Jackie).

After the switch when Austin is in Dallas’s bedroom, he faces a serious dilemma. Dallas promised his wife that they would try to make a baby that night. However, Austin is a gay man and the woman in the bed is his sister-in-law. He can’t say that he is not Dallas and there is no way he will sleep with his sister-in-law. How he deals with this situation is very, very funny.

Austin has some great one-liners and there is depth in some of the scenes but by and large this is a film to laugh with. I applaud the film’s originality.

 by Danny
Well acted. Recommend!!

I had a good time watching this film. I laughed. It made me think. It’s a testament to the writing and directing. They knew how to tell a story and were very successful in their delivery. Recommend !!

 by Debbie
What a Treat!!

Funny and touching family film. I cried with Jackie, and I laughed out loud during the bathroom scene when Austin tried to convince himself he could have sex with his sister in law for his brother's sake.

 by Anna Navarro
A nice surprise!

I had been hearing some buzz about this movie and although I wasn't sure I'd like it as it's not typically in my genre or wheelhouse of films I usually watch, I thought I'd give it a try. Boy, was I wrong! I LOVED it! It was clearly a great surprise to me, as it was very well done, really good direction, entertaining and I loved the cinematography, the lighting and also the music. It made me laugh, and much to my surprise, it also brought tears to my eyes in certain scenes. The writing was very impressive and moved me, especially since I have a nephew who is gay. Whether you are gay or straight, you will love this movie! I highly recommend it. I'd love to see more of Adam Reeves work . I wasn't familiar with him before this film but I really hope he makes more. You won't be disappointed ! Grab some popcorn and be prepared to smile, be entertained, and also shed a few tears, especially in the well written scene where Jackie talks about his father. Thumbs up for this film!

 by Christina Craft
My Brothers Shoes

I absolutely loved this movie! Kept my interest and did t put me to sleep. lol Usually if movie can't hold my interest I fall asleep. Great story line and the cast was spot on. I would definitely keep this movie in my collection. With that being said, when does it come out on DVD?

 by B Film King
Four Stars

Fun independent film!

 by Kindle Customer
Local love

Fantastic movie, saw it at it's premier release in SF, love to see local films.

 by GC76
A fun, funny

Delightful! A fun, funny, heartwarming film. Like all the best movies, it also has something important to say. Highest recommendation!

 by Megflower2003
Loved it!!

I loved this movie! It was entertaining and a balance of comedy and drama. I found it funny. It was a great story and fun to watch. I highly recommend it to all my friends. I loved the actors and they all did a great job!

 by Ryan R.
A great original movie!

This is a great movie! Definitely a different spin on how people can perceive different lives. Dallas & Austin were a fantastic duo. However, Jackie stole the show with his incredible performance! I highly encourage you to watch this movie. It really goes into the struggles of two different lives and you'll be pleasantly surprised how things turn out!

 by Mark G.
An original fun movie. Very nice pacing with a great balance ...

An original fun movie. Very nice pacing with a great balance of comedy and drama. I especially enjoyed what it means to be in someone else's shoes, without giving too much away.

 by Rick Hocker
Clever and Funny

A funny and charming story of two brothers who switch places and learn that it's not easy being in the other's shoes. I really liked the best friend. He had the best lines and shined in the movie's most poignant scene.

 by A. Carpenter
Extremely entertaining.

Loved it! Loved it! The actor who played Austin was particularly good. The Jackie character was able to balance the flamboyant sidekick part with a good dose of realism so it wasn't overdone into caricature-land. Very witty script too!

 by David
More depth than expected

Really interesting movie. At first you feel like it'll be a superficial comedy like most trading places movies, but this one touches on some real topics and really engages you. Definitely recommend.

 by Patsy R.
I enjoyed this spin on the "switching places" scenario

I enjoyed this spin on the "switching places" scenario! This movie has a lot of heart to it, as it tells the story of two brothers with very different lives switching places! I found it very funny and sweet!

 by Simon E.
Watch it - A good independent film

You can be forgiven at first if the premise may seem familiar (Freaky Friday or Big fans) but this film is not about the generation gap as seen before but instead a body-switch between two brothers. Every day we hear someone else’s problems which seem so easy to fix when we are not invested in their outcome and here the two brothers are forced to try just that. The film flows nicely and introduces some great side characters (like the best friend), some witty one liners (by Austin), classic film references (“Auntie Em…”) and a meaningful undertone with some deep scenes along the way (Blake F.)
Original soundtrack complements some funny scenes along the way.
An independent film – loads of talent – lots of fun.

 by John Volanti
Great story!

I really enjoyed it! Great story, made me laugh and even tear up once or twice. You should be very proud of your work! Hope it gets broad distribution so others can enjoy it as much as I did.

Story About Acceptance and Love

Directed by Adam Reeves, My Brother’s Shoes is about the complex relationship of two polar opposite brothers. Dallas (played by Pete Stringfellow) is a conservative business executive blessed with a lovely home and a gorgeous wife (Gretta Sosine) who wants to start a family. Austin (Jacob Ellis), his younger gay brother, is always getting himself into debt and romantic folly. When he hears about a local drag queen contest, he signs up hoping that the prize money will let him start over. Dallas and Austin’s worlds are turned upside down when a twist of fate causes them to trade places, and the film begs the question: "How far are you willing to go for your family?" Will Dallas dress in drag to win the money that will jump-start his brother’s new life? Will Austin navigate the unfamiliar territory of his brother’s business and romantic life?

Aside from being a hilarious movie, My Brother’s Shoes tells an important story about acceptance, especially within one’s own family, and the question of whether or not passively tolerating a lifestyle is the same thing as true acceptance. The film, which obviously crosses between fantasy and reality, is one of importance for the entire LBGT community.

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