Music Fills the Air!

Jordain Wallace Composer

Jordain Wallace Composer

Today, the Director and Writer of My Brother’s Shoes – Adam Reeves – and the Composer – Jordain Wallace – will be meeting to begin the process of creating the music and mood for the film. They will be working side by side today as the film is gone over scene by scene deciding what and where music should be inserted. They will be going over styles and themes appropriate for each character and scene. (more…)


Say What?!?!?!

The movie is finally “locked”!

Say What??!?!?

Say what?!?!

What does that mean? It means that the movie is now “set” in the order that the scenes will play when the audience sees it. The decision has been made on which are the best “takes” and best performances in each scene. There should be no more changes to the visual part of the film as it is now laid out.

So does that mean the film is done? No, not yet. Now this final “locked” version goes to our composer who will work on the music and score for the film. And to our cinematographer for color correction and balance. (more…)


Progress on Final Edits

Austin Talks to Stranger

“Are you my prince in shining armor?”

Moving along! The final editing sessions have been going until 2:30am! But the effort and time put into it has been worth the lack of sleep and the red eyes.

The first third of the film has been locked. The scenes and dialogue have been tightened and cleaned up. Sacrifices had to be made in some of the dialogue as cuts were made to scenes. Yes, the writer is very upset because every word is “golden”. But the results start speaking for themselves. (more…)