The movie is finally “locked”!

Say What??!?!?

Say what?!?!

What does that mean? It means that the movie is now “set” in the order that the scenes will play when the audience sees it. The decision has been made on which are the best “takes” and best performances in each scene. There should be no more changes to the visual part of the film as it is now laid out.

So does that mean the film is done? No, not yet. Now this final “locked” version goes to our composer who will work on the music and score for the film. And to our cinematographer for color correction and balance.

So can Adam now relax and wait? No! While the composer and cinematographer are working, I will be going through and adding any sound effects and background noise needed to enhance the film with my editor. We also will be adjusting the balance of the sound.

What else? Also, I will be reaching out to all the cast and crew and making sure we have their credits correct for the film. There are so many people to thank and give credit to! We will need to update our IMDb page too.

But we are getting closer and closer! If all goes well, we should have a premiere coming up in June or July! Can’t wait!