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Movie Review Likes Film & Praises Blake Fiegert’s Performance

A review just came out on the CA Independent Film Festival line-up and strongly recommends four of the films on the schedule and My Brother’s Shoes is one of them! We are on their list of “favorite” films!

A004_C013_0708YRIt reads:
My Brother’s Shoes” is a light-hearted romp, that is a perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Think gay “Freaky Friday” in which two brother’s end up swapping bodies for a day. Kind of ill-timed when the straight brother has a big presentation at work and the gay brother is a contestant in a drag show hosted by San Francisco icon Donna Sachet. “Shoes” is predictable but still fun and stands out thanks to a really beautiful performance by co-star Blake Fiegert, who adds layers to what seems like your typical gay best friend character. The film screens at 3pm on Sept. 12 at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

Congratulations Blake for getting this praise. And congratulations to all of the cast for making this film into a delightfully entertaining “must see” film.

Get your tickets now! We are only 4 days away!

To see the complete review, click here.