Late Night Doing More B-Roll


New Rheem Marquee

More late night shooting with Nico Van Den Berg (Director of Cinematography) and Adam Reeves (Director).

After sunset, Nico and Adam were seen running around the Bay Area shooting apartments, office buildings, homes, restaurants, and this great shot of a special marquee on the front of the Rheem Theatre in Moraga announcing one of the events that takes place in the film and was supported by a GREAT outpouring of local extras in the area to fill the audience seats! Thank you, Rheem Theatre for doing this! (more…)


Out on the Town Getting Establishing Shots!

Nico Van Den Berg shooting exterior shots.

Today, Nico Van Den Berg, our brilliant Director of Cinematography, came into for the weekend to finish up some needed establishing shots.

Nico and Adam Reeves (Director)  are out getting the B-Roll for the film. They are taking care of the final steps in completing the film.

They are out shooting exteriors of locations around the Bay Area including Shelby’s, office buildings, and apartment buildings. There was a lot to shoot in the morning hours. (more…)


Oh, What a Relief It Is!

After months of putting the many scenes together, the final rough assembly has been finished and all the final files are with the editor. What a feeling of a burden being lifted off the shoulders and the stress removed!

This is only one of the many steps still to be taken, but it is a big one. Taking all the scenes along with all the many versions and takes that were filmed – and then putting them back together into a cohesive story – while picking the best line readings and the best look for each scene – and finally seeing a “story” start to unfold before your eyes – is NOT an easy task. (more…)