Meet Gretta Sosine – who plays Katelyn Trent


We are pleased to introduce you to Gretta Sosine who is playing the role of Katelyn Trent. Katelyn is married to Dallas Trent, the main character in our film.

We asked Gretta some questions in order to get a little more inside of who she is and how she prepped for the role of Katelyn.

Q: What do you find about acting – and especially film acting – that has made you pursue this crazy art – even if this is a first for you?
A: As young as 4 years old, I can remember wanting to entertain,  putting on plays such as “Snow White.” As the oldest, I would coerce  my younger cousins, who did not share my same enthusiasm, to play along. Acting has been a part of me as long as I have been me.



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