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I had a “call in” radio interview on 07/31/2015, Friday, with Mary Jane Popp on the Poppoff Show “Everything About Film” Co-hosted by Derek Zemrak. This aired on KAHI 950AM and is based in the Sacramento, CA area. The radio interview also took place when we first began production back on 05/23/2014 before we had started the casting process.






I include both so you can hear Adam Reeves talk about “starting” the process and then, one year later, he talks about getting ready for the World Premiere and release of “My Brother’s Shoes”.   Makes for some good informative listening!

05/23/14 Interview

07/31/15 Interview



Meet Blake Fiegert – who plays Jackie

MeetBlakeFiegertWe are pleased to introduce you to Blake Fiegert who is playing the role of Jackie. Jackie is best friends with Austin Trent (the main character in our film) and provides a lot of the laughs in Austin’s life.

We asked Blake some questions in order to get a little more inside of who he is and how he prepped for the role of Blake.

Q: What do you find about acting – and especially film acting – that has made you pursue this crazy art – even if this is a first for you?
A: I have always been a story teller and, as an artist, I love working on films as I get to be a part of creating a story. I live for moments of truth and I find that every character I play teaches me something new about myself and the world.



When is 13 NOT an unlucky number?

Say What??!?!?

Say what?!?!

13 is NOT unlucky when it stands for only 13 days away to the World Premiere of My Brother’s Shoes! It will be opening at the landmark Rheem Theatre in Moraga, CA – where some of the movie was shot.

Get your tickets to the August 15th premiere HERE!

01CoverFrontCan’t make it on August 15th? Get your own copy of the DVD HERE!

Lots of choices. Lots of ways to be a part of this great event!

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