We are pleased to introduce you to Gretta Sosine who is playing the role of Katelyn Trent. Katelyn is married to Dallas Trent, the main character in our film.

We asked Gretta some questions in order to get a little more inside of who she is and how she prepped for the role of Katelyn.

Q: What do you find about acting – and especially film acting – that has made you pursue this crazy art – even if this is a first for you?
A: As young as 4 years old, I can remember wanting to entertain,  putting on plays such as “Snow White.” As the oldest, I would coerce  my younger cousins, who did not share my same enthusiasm, to play along. Acting has been a part of me as long as I have been me.

Q: When presented with a character to play, obviously you have never encountered this specific character that only now exists in the script you have been given. How do you bring the character to life and create a believable person from nothing?
A: This may be my absolute favorite part about acting! I am fascinated by psychology  and am enthralled by the endurance of the human spirit. I love to analyze and put myself in the place of the character I am studying. I believe we are all here to teach each other and help each other grow….if I can do that through my craft…..that is a dream come true.

Q: Do you enjoy seeing yourself on the big screen?
A: I know we are supposed to say, “no, it’s horrible, I can’t watch myself.” But, I do enjoy watching the scene play out with my character on the big screen when it is authentic and well executed. That is the fruit of my labor….that is something I am proud of!

Q: Independent films are shot very quickly and sometimes things you wish you could have (more rehearsal time, your own dressing room with a star on it, more input on the set, etc.) are not an option. What do you wish you could have had in this film? And what keeps you doing independent films?
A: This was a very fast paced film. Having more time to get those lines down, especially the telephone scenes, would have been wonderful. It’s amazing to find out what you are capable of when pushed to do so. We tell creative, important stories through Independent films. Stories that hopefully spark something in the viewers. I am able to explore lives that are not mine, with lessons that I myself, have not experienced, but hopefully someone in the audience finds something to connect with in the character I play or the message in the film.

Q: When playing a character, some actors create a whole back story in order to give them a full life. Tell us something about your character that is NOT in the script that made you feel more in touch with them on a personal level.
A: I, myself, have been blessed with two beautiful babies, and I know how miraculous that experience is for a woman, and how strong the desire to start a family is. Growing up, you believe starting a family is something you will be able to do when the time is right. I had great empathy for my character, Katelyn in her strong desire and determination to have a baby.

Q: After auditioning, how did you feel when you heard you got the part?
A: I was elated! I was told they were thinking of a blond for the role, but my audition made them reconsider…. a very proud moment for me.

Q: Family and friends will see the film because you are in it. What is it about the story of the film that would motivate you to tell others they “must” see it?
A: This film has a beautiful message of acceptance, love, and understanding – all delivered in a delicious little comedic package. Everyone should see it! It’s good fun with a great message!

Q: Any final comments or thoughts?
A: This was such a great production to be a part of! From an actors perspective everything ran so smoothly. Our Director, Adam Reeves, had such a clear vision. The whole production was a pleasure to be a part of and the cast and crew really became a family during filming.

Gretta’s Bio

Gretta Sosine is a Bay Area native, growing up in a small town an hour outside of San Francisco California. At a young age, Gretta knew she wanted to be an actress, but it wasn’t until she was discovered by a producer at a restaurant in San Francisco, that her career started to take off.

Gretta first appeared on our TV screens as “saucy” Nurse Jane on NBC’s short- lived series, Trauma. She has worked on big name films such as, “Money Ball,” starring Brad Pitt and HBO’s, “Hemingway and Gellhorn,” Starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. Gretta has also worked on several independent films, with a standout lead performance in “Petite Chardonnay.” She took on a dark, gut wrenching lead role as a hostage victim on ID Discovery’s hit crime reenactment show, “I Almost Got Away with IT,” and recently appeared in Papa Roach’s Music Video, “Before I Die” off their latest album, “The Connection,” portraying the lead singer’s wife.

Gretta is thrilled to have been cast in “My Brother’s Shoes,” as Katelyn! She feels the story is relevant and is one that can help bring families closer together. She is drawn to films that provoke thought, opening people’s minds and hearts. “‘My Brother’s Shoes’ allows us to celebrate our differences and laugh while doing it!”

Gretta enjoys a full, rich life of being a mother and a wife as well as an actress and has said it’s the simple things that make her the happiest. Her favorite quote is “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau