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A Word From Adam Reeves – Director and Writer of My Brother’s Shoes

WatchingFinalSceneTonight is the first public screening of “My Brother’s Shoes”. 

It has been a long journey. Toward the last 30 days I have watched this film at least 3 times a day – every day. I have learned to love it, hate it, and then fall in love with it all over again.

I have watched and wished. I have wished that I had shot more scenes. I have wished that I had rehearsed more. I have wished that we had caught the mistakes. I have wished that we had more than 90 minutes to tell a story.

But there is a time where you have to let it go. You have to finally say “Okay, world, I have raised my child as carefully as I could. I have done my best. Now I send my child out into the world. Be kind. Be accepting. And give my child a chance to grow and shine.”

To all of you who will be coming out tonight – and to all of you who will be seeing this in the future – I hope you will enjoy being a part of this wonderful 90 minute experience. Some of you – I know. Some of you – I will never meet. But to have the chance to be a part of your lives for 90 minutes and have a shared experience with me and others who have watched the film, I am honored.

If my film makes you smile – if my film makes you think – if my film brings a tear to your eyes – if my film makes you laugh – if my film entertains you even for a brief moment in all the hour and a half you allow me – than I am proud to have created this film. And I thank you.

And here’s to a grand and exciting premiere!


Radio Interviews regarding Movie and Making Movies

I had a “call in” radio interview on 07/31/2015, Friday, with Mary Jane Popp on the Poppoff Show “Everything About Film” Co-hosted by Derek Zemrak. This aired on KAHI 950AM and is based in the Sacramento, CA area. The radio interview also took place when we first began production back on 05/23/2014 before we had started the casting process.






I include both so you can hear Adam Reeves talk about “starting” the process and then, one year later, he talks about getting ready for the World Premiere and release of “My Brother’s Shoes”.   Makes for some good informative listening!

05/23/14 Interview

07/31/15 Interview



Say What?!?!?!

The movie is finally “locked”!

Say What??!?!?

Say what?!?!

What does that mean? It means that the movie is now “set” in the order that the scenes will play when the audience sees it. The decision has been made on which are the best “takes” and best performances in each scene. There should be no more changes to the visual part of the film as it is now laid out.

So does that mean the film is done? No, not yet. Now this final “locked” version goes to our composer who will work on the music and score for the film. And to our cinematographer for color correction and balance. (more…)