So you want a copy of the movie for your own private library?? Well, we give you a choice. You can have Blu-Ray or DVD.

Can’t decide? Well, here is a guide for you.

Blu-Ray holds a larger amount of information and therefore we can get the entire movie in hi-res bright color – sharp and crystal clear – you will see all the details if you watch this on your HD tv or monitor. This version is what is currently playing in theatres.

BUT you MUST have a Blu-Ray player. Check your equipment before ordering. Also you will NOT be able to play this on your computer or laptop – since most are NOT Blu-Ray compatible. If you don’t have a Blu-Ray player, but you are a gamer and have PS4 or XBox 360 then they are also Blu-Ray compatible.


DVD’s hold less information. In order to get our film on to a DVD, the quality had to be lessened and a lower res version is required. Any normal disc player is DVD and will play this fine. Will you notice the quality difference? No, only if you put two HD tv’s side by side. All laptops, computers, etc will play this. Even your Blu-Ray will play this. It is the most compatible. The colors will still look good but the detail will be a bit softer.

But the DVD is a bit cheaper to order than a Blu-Ray.

Our advice? If you have a Blu-Ray, order the Blu-Ray disc. It really is crystal clear and sharp. If you only have a DVD player, then the movie will still look great.

I hope this helps you decide.