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17 Days until Worldwide Release!!

17 Days to Release!!!
Another great scene (several put together) from “My Brother’s Shoes” coming out June 13th.
This scene is the confrontation in the office of the 2 brothers – Dallas (Pete Stringfellow) and Austin (Jacob Ellis) – when they realize they have magically switched places. Funny stuff. With the added humor of Austin’s best friend – the wise-cracking Jackie (Blake Aaron).
Mitch, the “cute guy” they refer to, is played by Robert Vann, so it is perfect casting!


18 Days Until the Release Worldwide of “My Brother’s Shoes” – Here’s another great scene

18 DAYS until the world release of “My Brother’s Shoes”!!! Here is another nice scene from the film.
Dallas, who is straight, never expresses his feelings about having a gay brother, Austin, who leads a crazy life and enters contests for fun dressing in drag. His wife finally asks him how he feels.
All this is about to change when, by a magical spell, Dallas has to live as Austin for a day and find out what it is like to live in his brother’s shoes!
This scene shows the great acting talents of Gretta Sosine and Pete Stringfellow.