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Comments from the Audience at the Castro Screening!

PointingUpAfter the screening of My Brother’s Shoes at the Castro on Sept. 12th, the audience was allowed to fill in comment cards and rank the film from 1 to 10. Over all our film go a 7.5 out of 10! Not bad. Thank you to any and all who gave us feedback.

Here are some of the rankings and comments:

Rating – Comment
6 – Loved the personal story, very impactful, touching
6 – Funny, strong family comedy. Funny script.
10 – Excellent movie
10 – Amazing. So funny.
10 – Fun, very well paced
8 – Fun movie
8 – Great balance of comedy with seriousness mixed in. Great writing. Excellent dialogue.
8 – Great movie
8 – Had a great time
9 – I really enjoyed it, found it interesting & entertaining. Great actors.
10 – So cute!
10 – Fun, Real!
10 – Wonderful.
10 – Very funny. Loved it! Would watch it again.
10 – Great music super
7 – Jackie was amazing!
10 – Great fun movie!
10 – Awesome! Funny! Great acting.
10 – Film was excellent. Cast and crew did an excellent job


Composer Jordain Wallace on Good Day Sacramento

Our composer for My Brother’s Shoes – Jordain Wallace – appeared on Good Day Sacramento and talked about composing for film and even played a song called “Dallas’ Theme” from our current film. It was great!

The music for the film makes a beautiful soundtrack. The clip below has a 30 second “ad” from Good Day Sacramento but the clip with Jordain follows right after.

Great job, Jordain.


Our Review Page is Now Up!

ReviewPageHave you had a chance to see My Brother’s Shoes yet? It will be playing at the Vine Cinema on Oct. 1st in Livermore if you have not OR you can order a copy now in Blu-Ray or DVD right here on this site.

If you have seen the film –  please, we welcome your comments. Simply go to our REVIEWS page and you can write comments, give us a rating from 1 to 5 stars, and generally let us know how you felt about the film and the actors portraying the characters.  You don’t have to give your real name if you want to remain anonymous. We appreciate any and all feedback and comments!