Gretta Sosine – Demo Reel

MeetGrettaGreat job, Gretta Sosine!


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Gretta Sosine put her acting demo reel up on IMDb. What a talent! Around the 39 second mark you can see her in “My Brother’s Shoes“. She has a great scene with Pete Stringfellow and then followed by a funny scene with Jacob Ellis. Both of the clips really show off her range of talent – from a serious loving housewife to a comedic sexy vixen. Go, Gretta!


First Festival Recognition!

AwardOfMeritIndiefestThis just in!! Our first festival recognition! Award of Merit from the Indie Fest Film Awards!

Thank you to the great cast and crew that worked on making My Brother’s Shoes a success!

More awards to come!


Film Accepted in The IndieFest Film Awards


It’s official!
We are in our first festival from submissions via WithoutABox!


WithoutABox is an online tool used to make submitting your film easier to film festivals around the world. And now our first festival’s acceptance of our film via this service! Very exciting. Many more to come!

Keep checking back!