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ReviewPageHave you had a chance to see My Brother’s Shoes yet? It will be playing at the Vine Cinema on Oct. 1st in Livermore if you have not OR you can order a copy now in Blu-Ray or DVD right here on this site.

If you have seen the film –  please, we welcome your comments. Simply go to our REVIEWS page and you can write comments, give us a rating from 1 to 5 stars, and generally let us know how you felt about the film and the actors portraying the characters.  You don’t have to give your real name if you want to remain anonymous. We appreciate any and all feedback and comments!



Director and Writer – Adam Reeves

PointingUpHere stands the proud Director and Writer of the hit movie My Brother’s Shoes playing at the historic Castro Theatre during the CA Indie Film Festival! I have to say – even I think he looks good in this picture!! HA HA!

Maybe for the next film he will have a small role! Any votes for that?


People Are Getting Their Copies in the Mail!!

GettingCopiesPeople are starting to get their copies in the mail of “My Brother’s Shoes”!!

I am getting many emails from people who bought a copy on-line that they are arriving in today’s mail. Everyone is SUPER excited to watch the movie for the first time in the comfort of their living room.

The support has been awesome and our fan base keeps growing.

Have you got your copy? Just CLICK the button to the right OR Click Here!

Availabe in Blu-Ray and DVD. Don’t delay!